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Northcote Golf Course


9 hole Course

Northcote Public Golf Course boasts a challenging 9 hole setup. With 12 bunkers there is plenty of variety to keep your short game at peak as well as the undulating fairways.

The first hole takes you on a steady decent into the hidden away wonder of the course and eventually leads its way up to the challenging steep ascent of the final hole. Further to the course at Northcote Public Golf Course, facilities include a well stocked proshop, large club rooms and practice green.

HoleMens DistanceParFemale DistancePar
1st Hole287mPar 4287 mPar 4
2nd Hole416mPar 4400mPar 5
3rd Hole167mPar 3159mPar 3
4th Hole378mPar 4305mPar 4
5th Hole289mPar 4268mPar 4
6th Hole128mPar 3119mPar 3
7th Hole375mPar 4355mPar 5
9th Hole303mPar 4284mPar 4

1st Hole

The first at Northcote is a short opening hole with OOB to the right and a tree lined fairway to the left. You can generally hit a mid to  high iron from the tee for placement, then a wedge to a green sloping from back to front.

Keeping your approach under the hole is the key. The longer hitters can attempt to drive the green but missing this fairway can cause a big number to start your round.

Distance Par
Men 287m 4
Ladies 288m 4

2nd Hole

The hardest hole on the course. Again with OOB to the right and trees to the left, a straight drive is a must.

For the shorter hitters this par 4 cannot be reached in 2. For those who can, they must avoid bunkers to the left and right of the green. During winter, a 5 on this hole is a good score.

Distance Par
Men 416m 4
Ladies 400m 5

3rd Hole

The first of 2 par 3’s and the hardest. Generally played into the wind, hitting this 2 tiered green can be tough.

Shots left and right generally take par out of the equation. Once on the green you need to make sure you are on the same level as the pin, or 3 putts can follow.

Distance Par
Men 167m 3
Ladies 159m 3

4th Hole

Arguably the hardest hole on the course, the drive requires a hazard carry to the edge of the dogleg.

If you hit it right, get your 7 iron out to chip it back to the fairway. The flat green is covered left and right by bunkers, of which up and down is tough. Many good rounds have turned ugly here.

Distance Par
Men 378m 4
Ladies 305m 4

5th Hole

A long iron/fairway wood is required here. From there, a short iron up heartbreak hill to an elevated green, keeping away from the deep bunker to the right.

This hole is infamous for the many electrical wires that are often hit with the tee shot.

Distance Par
Men 289m 4
Ladies 268m 4

6th Hole

The easiest hole on the course. A downhill par 3 to a large green, is only a short iron, but can be tougher if the wind is strong.

Distance Par
Men 128m 3
Ladies 119m 3

7th Hole

A tough, dogleg par 4 with an internal OOB to the left. A high drive can carry the dogleg out of bounds and leave a mid iron to an elevated green.

With a long iron/fairway wood to the green, the creek will catch any duffed shots. Another hole where good rounds can turn bad.

Distance Par
Men 375m 4
Ladies 355m 5

8th Hole

The only par 5 on the course, this hole is reachable in two outside the winter months. Your drive needs to be played down the right hand side as the fairway cambers right to left.

From here your second needs to be played down the left to avoid pitching over the bunker from a bare lie. Big birdie chance.

Distance Par
Men 466m 5
Ladies 414m 5


9th Hole

Your 9th hole at Northcote finishes with a short, straight-forward par 4. A generous fairway and large green has allowed many club golfers to finish “birdie-birdie”.

Distance Par
Men 303m 4
Ladies 284m 4